The Most Powerful Armored Vehicles in the World

If you are a thrill seeker, bulletproof cars are a great way to give you your kicks. You can do any kind of stunt on them and they won’t budge. However, these aren’t cars to be bought unless you have a real need for them. These cars are often used by people who need security – think celebrities, politicians, and their ilk. However, if you are looking for some kickass armored cars, this is the definitive list!

  • The Huron – this Canadian made car goes above and beyond what you can imagine that you need security for. This is useless to you unless you are laundering money for the cartel or are carrying gold bullion to the treasury. For personal use, you’re better off with a mid-size sedan or some such. This is for the people who genuinely believe that their lives are in actual danger.
  • Land Cruiser, Toyota – For the past three decades, this company has been making cars that are impenetrable. If you are encountering dangerous people in the course of your ride, you can rest assured that this is the car that is going to keep you safe. One of the best parts of such an awesome car? Excellent mileage!
  • G-Class AMG, Mercedes – Now, this car will protect you against everything except, perhaps, an army! And that’s fine. No sane person is going to go driving towards a group of battle-trained men and women anyway! Mid-level diplomats are the ones who are authorized to use this car since this can stop bullets at point blank range, important people probably need this car!
  • Chevy Suburban – This car is a movie legend and can be armored to handle anything. Armed to the teeth with customized features, this car gives major bang for your buck and yes, you will feel like you are in a Hollywood action thriller once you ride this!

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