How to Overcome Driving Stress and Anxiety

A major reason for accidents and health issues is driving stress and anxiety.  Peak hour traffic and delays often result in stress and anxiety.  Getting back to the road after an accident is even tough.  Read on to know how to overcome driving stress and anxiety:

Adequate sleep before travel:  Ensure you have adequate rest and sleep before the start of travel.  Sleep gives relaxation to mind.  Hence better concentration is possible and stress levels will be low.

Light food: Do not have anything that created uneasiness while on the drive.  Have a healthy light food.

Start in advance: Start your travel earlier.  This will give ample time.  Since there is a cushion for delays due to traffic, you need not panic and try rushing up.  This will help you avoid dangerous speeds.  You can travel without stress at a comfortable speed and without deviating any road rule.

Divert yourself when in traffic: When you are held up in traffic, read books carrying quotes for life or listen to music.  Don’t get overstressed.  Instead, concentrate on pleasant things.

Ignore rash drivers:  There may be rash drivers who overtake in a dangerous manner.  Few may continuously honk.  Ignore those bullies.  Let them go ahead so that you can drive peacefully.

Take breaks and relax:  Take in-between breaks.  Have a cup of tea or just sit and relax.

Attend a drive fear program:  Attend programs to eliminate your fears and stress.  These programs provide lots of tips to de-stress and help in improving confidence.

Note down reasons for your fear and seek counseling:  There may be reasons like working under constant pressure to speed up, working without breaks etc. which may result in fears and stress related to driving.  Introspect and note down your fears.  Seek the help of a professional counselor to remove the stress and fears.

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