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What Are Hoverboards and How Do They Work for Travelling?

Hoverboards were once a distant dream, seen only in sci-fi films. They were first seen in the popular movie Back to the Future, but now they can be seen on streets everywhere. Although we are still a while away from boards which actually float, there are some pretty cool wheeled hoverboards which offer a similar experience. Here, we examine hoverboard technology, to understand what exactly they are and how they operate.  

The Segway is thought of as the first major step towards creating a functioning hoverboard. It is a self-balancing vehicle with two wheels, a platform for the user to stand on and a handle to hold on to. Hoverboards are a more recent development. They are similar but don’t have a handle, and you might also see them under the name of self-balancing scooters. 

Hoverboards work by leaning forward to accelerate and back to brake or reverse. You can also lean to the sides to make the vehicle turn. They usually have a minimum and maximum weight limit, so if you are buying a hoverboard for kids, ensure they are above the minimum weight or else the hoverboard won’t balance properly and they will have a hard time getting it moving.  

Hoverboards can be quite difficult to ride at first, and it’s recommended that users, especially children, wear appropriate safety gear. This includes a helmet, as well as elbow and knee protectors. They can reach speeds of around 10 mph in some cases, so falling off at speed can result in some bad injuries.  

There were issues with hoverboards being made to poor standards at first, but these issues have now been resolved. In order to have peace of mind, you should check the board you wish to purchase is UL certified, to ensure it meets current safety standards.  

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