A Complete Guide: Buying Damaged Cars, Fixing Them Up And Selling Them

At 247Spares learn how you can make money by buying the cars that are damaged, fixing them and then selling them for a profit.


Here is how you can buy the damaged or used cars. Learn how to buy them at the a great price and fix it and sell it without a lot of effort.

  • Have a budget in mind and stick to it.
  • Get sufficient cash so that it matches your budget. If you are planning to buy the car in an auction then they may not accept the card.
  • Know what the fair market price of the car is. You need to grab a deal on the car that is undervalued.

  • The next step is to know how to buy the used car. Know the rules and procedures well in advance
  • Inspect the interior and the exterior of the of the car visually
  • Make sure that you check the engine of the car
  • Understand how long the car has been in this state. This will let you know how much you actually need to put into it
  • Either negotiate or bid on the car

Fixing the car

  • You first need to clean the car inside out
  • Diagnose in case there are any mechanical issues with the car
  • Learn about the symptoms of the car and then estimate what could be the cost of repair of the car
  • Get quotes to get the car repaired and then choose the shop

Sell the car

Once the car is fixed and ready it is time to sell it and make some profits

  • Set a price on the car. It should be a fair price
  • Figure out what is the worth of the car
  • Have a bottom price on the car
  • List your car and look for prospective buyers
  • Sell the car and make huge profits on the sale

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