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How To Paint A Car – The Best Car Painting Tips And Tricks

Using a wagnor paint sprayer to paint your car? Here are the best tips and tricks for painting your car. You may want to change the color of your car if it is looking old or dingy. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money and for that, you need to know how to paint your car yourself.


It is time-consuming to paint your car and so you will need a few weekends to get the job done. You will need wet and dry sandpaper, a sander, masking tape, an air compressor, and a spray gun. You will also need face masks, paint thinners, and undercoat. Also, invest in a dust extractor to keep the area clean.

On top of that, you will also need a coat or a primer, topcoat, and clear coat. You could look for the color code on your car if you want the same color and order it from the paint shop.


First, clean the work area and remove all the dust. Do not paint under a tree which could dirty your car. First, wash the car off the dirt and grease. You will have to strip the car first to a barre shell if you want to paint the interiors. For external painting, you will have to mask the areas that you do not want to paint.


Start to sand in circular movements. The car should be sanded to bare metal and so that it has a smooth finish. This is a task that will take a lot of time. The last part has to be done using wet and dry sandpaper to get a smooth finish. The whole surface should be wiped using a clean rag to help remove dust and continue further wait for the residue for the thinners to evaporate.

Before you start to paint the car practice your spraying technique first.

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7 Inexpensive Car Mods You Can (Really) Do Yourself

You have two options- either take enormous loans to buy an expensive car (or) use a few cool tips to create car mods on a cheaper model to get that expensive look.  Read on to know more:

  1. Vintage number plates: One thing that people never imagine is vintage number plate.  Number plates with creative fonts and designs can change the whole look of your car.  People automatically search for the model name.
  2. Headlight covers: Instead of leaving the headlights plain, add a stylish cover to them.  Most expensive cars come with elegantly covered headlights.  It looks as if the lights are in-built on the exterior body.  Headlight covers give the same effect to your low-cost car.
  3. Seat covers and upholstery: One Mod that can totally change the look of your simple car is changing sear covers and upholstery.  Selecting a youthful design like leather finish with imprinted designs like giraffe skin or leopard skin would complete the job.  The more money you spend on these, the more elevated the looks would be.  Do not worry about the budget.  You have Couponobox for your rescue.  Here you can get the best deals for car upholstery.
  4. Racing stripes: One simple trick to give the upgraded look is to change the exterior paint.  Add racing stripes.  That would make your low-cost car look out of the sky.
  5. Adding neons: Adding neons along the shape of the car would make it look very rich.  It would be something like those used by the movie heroes.
  6. Wheel lights: Adding a metal cover (or) light in wheels can give a royal look while the car is on move.  Obviously, your car becomes so attractive on road.
  7. Door lights: Door lights are simple to install.  When they glitter while opening the door, your car certainly belongs to the high-end breed.  People would never imagine that it is just a simple car with an upgraded mod.

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