Month: December 2018

Five Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean

When it comes to cleaning, you can count on me!

I have been obsessively compulsive about cleaning right from my young age. I have loved things to be shining, bright, clean and in order. Initially, I used to be worked up with things not being in order but I guess with advancing age and temperament, we all become a bit slack in housekeeping. So, a few times here and there I let go of the things that are not in my control but most of the other times I make sure that I have things my way.

For instance, keeping my car clean! Man, how I freak out my folks at home!!

  1. Is beauty only skin deep?

Not just the interiors, I fuss over my car’s exteriors too!

Salt, dirt, and grime can eat away at the paint and even start damaging the metal and that is why every few months, I send it for a wax coating. I have scheduled a thorough water wash every month and also placed an alarm for it on my phone.

  1. Cleaning the car regularly can keep costly repairs at bay!

Some of the parts that are easiest to clean and the first to deteriorate are also the ones that are most costly to replace. So if you want to keep yourself safe from expenses then cleaning is something you should never forego.

  1. Cleaning it can help prevent accidents:

Thorough and regular cleaning of windows and oiling the parts can mean that the car can be a safe haven when you are riding it on the road. A lot of accidents happen because of the low visibility of the windows.

  1. A clean car boosts health:

Regular clean-up discourages the growth of harmful bacteria ND other pathogens in the car. A healthy car is a healthy you!


  1. A clean car is directly related to your happiness:

A well-kept car will add to your happiness quotient and also help your chest swell in pride in owning it. What more does anyone want?!

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