Day: November 1, 2018

Latest Safety And Tech Developments In Recent Cars

It has always been seen that the latest innovations in vehicles have always been about the higher end models. It is always expensive to develop a new kind of technology tailored made for expensive cars. Therefore, only car shoppers who are wealthy will have the money to pay for such technologies. Once navigation systems, cruise control systems, etcetera. Were only to be found on expensive cars. But, now cars are getting more affordable and features that were being introduced in expensive cars to carry kayaks and coming down to more affordable ones. Therefore, visit following are some of the latest safety and tech developments that are being seen in recent cars.

Four Latest Car Safety And Tech Developments That You Should Check Out

  • Automated Driving: This is kind of hot topic at this moment, with various car makers trying to achieve the same technology, but with better results. It was Tesla’s Autopilot feature that really stirred up the car industry as a whole. Now Mercedes Benz with its own solution is also implementing in their cars as well. Even though both solutions are not meant for real-world usability, still we’re moving towards that goal slowly. There is also Cadillac’s Cruise Control System as well too.
  • Automatic Steering Avoidance: This is a feature that only top of the line Mercedes Benz and Lexus cars ship with. This feature allows the vehicle to be automatically swerved off, in order to avoid various pedestrians and objects in its way.
  • Emergency Stop Assistance: This is also a feature that is found on expensive Mercedes Benz and Lexus cars as well. This allows the car to sense that if the driver has become unresponsive, then the system will slow down the vehicle, in order to stop within its lane. It will also activate the hazard lights and also will call in emergency services.
  • Pre Safe Sound: This is a Mercedes Benz only feature where the car will send a sound inside the cabin, just before a collision is starting to happen. This will create a natural reflex in your ears, which will shut down the loud sound of impact and will also deploy airbags as well.

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