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Woman’s Guide To Car Buying: 7 Tips To Empower Yourself

Read the to get the complete guide on how to buy a car if you are a woman and are looking to empower yourself.

It is important to prepare well

Know what you want. Be clear about it. There are SUVs, sedans, convertibles etc. and thus being knowledgeable means that you will avoid falling into the sales trap.

Get different quotations

It will be a little hectic but it does help to save money. Meet various car dealers and agents and ask them the final quote. You can then decide on the one who is offering you the cheapest quote.


Use your bargaining power to get some great deals on the price. Do not be scared to ask for discounts even if you feel there is not a lot of scope for negotiating.

Do not rush

The salesman will try various tactics to sell the car to you like the offer is available just for today etc. Do not rush into these false sales tactics. In most cases, they are just trying to push the sales on you. It is best to take your time and not rush into it.


The salesperson will try to lure you into something that is more expensive but that does not mean that you need to fall into the trap. Just say a firm no and move ahead.

Online research

The online world makes it easy to get access to all the information on the car that you wish to purchase. Take out time and know its reviews and feedback so that you are confident that you are making the right purchase.

Take your time

Buying cars is a huge purchase so take your time and do not rush to make a purchase. You should be sure about it and buy the car only if it fits into your budget.

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Top Reasons To Keep A Jump Starter In Your Vehicle

The road is long and lonely and there is not a soul in sight and your vehicle stalls and refuses to move. You quickly reach for your cell phone to call a friend only to realize that the friendly device is out of charge. What will you do? How safe is it to wait until help arrives? Can you do anything to prevent such a scenario?

If you don’t want to be in a similar situation at any time then it is mandatory that you keep a jump starter in your vehicle at all times. Here are a few reasons why a jump starter must be an essential part of your car boot.

  1. Sometimes when you connect an alligator cable between two cars to rev up a dead engine the good car also gets damaged. It is unfair to the one who came to help you to be left with a damaged engine. A jump starter will help you avoid such embarrassing situations.
  2. It is not always fun or convenient to wait for the tow truck, especially if you are traveling with babies, the elderly and the sick.
  3. A Jump starter can be used to charge your cell phone as well should it be drained of charge. Most of the Jumpstarters come with a USB port so you can connect other devices too with a USB.
  4. When you are self-reliant you can save your friends’ the extra chore of driving to you all the way in the wilderness thereby saving them precious time and gas.
  5. You will not be at the mercy of the weather as you can restart your vehicle without ado and escape inclement weather before it is too late.
  6. You need not to be stressed about getting stranded on a lonely highway as you can help yourself.

Now that you are convinced Check out this jump starter for cars review before you get your own reliable friend on a long drive down a country road.

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A Complete Guide: Buying Damaged Cars, Fixing Them Up And Selling Them

At 247Spares learn how you can make money by buying the cars that are damaged, fixing them and then selling them for a profit.


Here is how you can buy the damaged or used cars. Learn how to buy them at the a great price and fix it and sell it without a lot of effort.

  • Have a budget in mind and stick to it.
  • Get sufficient cash so that it matches your budget. If you are planning to buy the car in an auction then they may not accept the card.
  • Know what the fair market price of the car is. You need to grab a deal on the car that is undervalued.

  • The next step is to know how to buy the used car. Know the rules and procedures well in advance
  • Inspect the interior and the exterior of the of the car visually
  • Make sure that you check the engine of the car
  • Understand how long the car has been in this state. This will let you know how much you actually need to put into it
  • Either negotiate or bid on the car

Fixing the car

  • You first need to clean the car inside out
  • Diagnose in case there are any mechanical issues with the car
  • Learn about the symptoms of the car and then estimate what could be the cost of repair of the car
  • Get quotes to get the car repaired and then choose the shop

Sell the car

Once the car is fixed and ready it is time to sell it and make some profits

  • Set a price on the car. It should be a fair price
  • Figure out what is the worth of the car
  • Have a bottom price on the car
  • List your car and look for prospective buyers
  • Sell the car and make huge profits on the sale

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How to Overcome Driving Stress and Anxiety

A major reason for accidents and health issues is driving stress and anxiety.  Peak hour traffic and delays often result in stress and anxiety.  Getting back to the road after an accident is even tough.  Read on to know how to overcome driving stress and anxiety:

Adequate sleep before travel:  Ensure you have adequate rest and sleep before the start of travel.  Sleep gives relaxation to mind.  Hence better concentration is possible and stress levels will be low.

Light food: Do not have anything that created uneasiness while on the drive.  Have a healthy light food.

Start in advance: Start your travel earlier.  This will give ample time.  Since there is a cushion for delays due to traffic, you need not panic and try rushing up.  This will help you avoid dangerous speeds.  You can travel without stress at a comfortable speed and without deviating any road rule.

Divert yourself when in traffic: When you are held up in traffic, read books carrying quotes for life or listen to music.  Don’t get overstressed.  Instead, concentrate on pleasant things.

Ignore rash drivers:  There may be rash drivers who overtake in a dangerous manner.  Few may continuously honk.  Ignore those bullies.  Let them go ahead so that you can drive peacefully.

Take breaks and relax:  Take in-between breaks.  Have a cup of tea or just sit and relax.

Attend a drive fear program:  Attend programs to eliminate your fears and stress.  These programs provide lots of tips to de-stress and help in improving confidence.

Note down reasons for your fear and seek counseling:  There may be reasons like working under constant pressure to speed up, working without breaks etc. which may result in fears and stress related to driving.  Introspect and note down your fears.  Seek the help of a professional counselor to remove the stress and fears.…

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