How To Paint A Car – The Best Car Painting Tips And Tricks

Using a wagnor paint sprayer to paint your car? Here are the best tips and tricks for painting your car. You may want to change the color of your car if it is looking old or dingy. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money and for that, you need to know how to paint your car yourself.


It is time-consuming to paint your car and so you will need a few weekends to get the job done. You will need wet and dry sandpaper, a sander, masking tape, an air compressor, and a spray gun. You will also need face masks, paint thinners, and undercoat. Also, invest in a dust extractor to keep the area clean.

On top of that, you will also need a coat or a primer, topcoat, and clear coat. You could look for the color code on your car if you want the same color and order it from the paint shop.


First, clean the work area and remove all the dust. Do not paint under a tree which could dirty your car. First, wash the car off the dirt and grease. You will have to strip the car first to a barre shell if you want to paint the interiors. For external painting, you will have to mask the areas that you do not want to paint.


Start to sand in circular movements. The car should be sanded to bare metal and so that it has a smooth finish. This is a task that will take a lot of time. The last part has to be done using wet and dry sandpaper to get a smooth finish. The whole surface should be wiped using a clean rag to help remove dust and continue further wait for the residue for the thinners to evaporate.

Before you start to paint the car practice your spraying technique first.

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7 Inexpensive Car Mods You Can (Really) Do Yourself

You have two options- either take enormous loans to buy an expensive car (or) use a few cool tips to create car mods on a cheaper model to get that expensive look.  Read on to know more:

  1. Vintage number plates: One thing that people never imagine is vintage number plate.  Number plates with creative fonts and designs can change the whole look of your car.  People automatically search for the model name.
  2. Headlight covers: Instead of leaving the headlights plain, add a stylish cover to them.  Most expensive cars come with elegantly covered headlights.  It looks as if the lights are in-built on the exterior body.  Headlight covers give the same effect to your low-cost car.
  3. Seat covers and upholstery: One Mod that can totally change the look of your simple car is changing sear covers and upholstery.  Selecting a youthful design like leather finish with imprinted designs like giraffe skin or leopard skin would complete the job.  The more money you spend on these, the more elevated the looks would be.  Do not worry about the budget.  You have Couponobox for your rescue.  Here you can get the best deals for car upholstery.
  4. Racing stripes: One simple trick to give the upgraded look is to change the exterior paint.  Add racing stripes.  That would make your low-cost car look out of the sky.
  5. Adding neons: Adding neons along the shape of the car would make it look very rich.  It would be something like those used by the movie heroes.
  6. Wheel lights: Adding a metal cover (or) light in wheels can give a royal look while the car is on move.  Obviously, your car becomes so attractive on road.
  7. Door lights: Door lights are simple to install.  When they glitter while opening the door, your car certainly belongs to the high-end breed.  People would never imagine that it is just a simple car with an upgraded mod.

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Five Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean

When it comes to cleaning, you can count on me!

I have been obsessively compulsive about cleaning right from my young age. I have loved things to be shining, bright, clean and in order. Initially, I used to be worked up with things not being in order but I guess with advancing age and temperament, we all become a bit slack in housekeeping. So, a few times here and there I let go of the things that are not in my control but most of the other times I make sure that I have things my way.

For instance, keeping my car clean! Man, how I freak out my folks at home!!

  1. Is beauty only skin deep?

Not just the interiors, I fuss over my car’s exteriors too!

Salt, dirt, and grime can eat away at the paint and even start damaging the metal and that is why every few months, I send it for a wax coating. I have scheduled a thorough water wash every month and also placed an alarm for it on my phone.

  1. Cleaning the car regularly can keep costly repairs at bay!

Some of the parts that are easiest to clean and the first to deteriorate are also the ones that are most costly to replace. So if you want to keep yourself safe from expenses then cleaning is something you should never forego.

  1. Cleaning it can help prevent accidents:

Thorough and regular cleaning of windows and oiling the parts can mean that the car can be a safe haven when you are riding it on the road. A lot of accidents happen because of the low visibility of the windows.

  1. A clean car boosts health:

Regular clean-up discourages the growth of harmful bacteria ND other pathogens in the car. A healthy car is a healthy you!


  1. A clean car is directly related to your happiness:

A well-kept car will add to your happiness quotient and also help your chest swell in pride in owning it. What more does anyone want?!

Read more on tricks and tips to keep your car clean inside and out. Click here; you can see more at this website.

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Woman’s Guide To Car Buying: 7 Tips To Empower Yourself

Read the to get the complete guide on how to buy a car if you are a woman and are looking to empower yourself.

It is important to prepare well

Know what you want. Be clear about it. There are SUVs, sedans, convertibles etc. and thus being knowledgeable means that you will avoid falling into the sales trap.

Get different quotations

It will be a little hectic but it does help to save money. Meet various car dealers and agents and ask them the final quote. You can then decide on the one who is offering you the cheapest quote.


Use your bargaining power to get some great deals on the price. Do not be scared to ask for discounts even if you feel there is not a lot of scope for negotiating.

Do not rush

The salesman will try various tactics to sell the car to you like the offer is available just for today etc. Do not rush into these false sales tactics. In most cases, they are just trying to push the sales on you. It is best to take your time and not rush into it.


The salesperson will try to lure you into something that is more expensive but that does not mean that you need to fall into the trap. Just say a firm no and move ahead.

Online research

The online world makes it easy to get access to all the information on the car that you wish to purchase. Take out time and know its reviews and feedback so that you are confident that you are making the right purchase.

Take your time

Buying cars is a huge purchase so take your time and do not rush to make a purchase. You should be sure about it and buy the car only if it fits into your budget.

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Top Reasons To Keep A Jump Starter In Your Vehicle

The road is long and lonely and there is not a soul in sight and your vehicle stalls and refuses to move. You quickly reach for your cell phone to call a friend only to realize that the friendly device is out of charge. What will you do? How safe is it to wait until help arrives? Can you do anything to prevent such a scenario?

If you don’t want to be in a similar situation at any time then it is mandatory that you keep a jump starter in your vehicle at all times. Here are a few reasons why a jump starter must be an essential part of your car boot.

  1. Sometimes when you connect an alligator cable between two cars to rev up a dead engine the good car also gets damaged. It is unfair to the one who came to help you to be left with a damaged engine. A jump starter will help you avoid such embarrassing situations.
  2. It is not always fun or convenient to wait for the tow truck, especially if you are traveling with babies, the elderly and the sick.
  3. A Jump starter can be used to charge your cell phone as well should it be drained of charge. Most of the Jumpstarters come with a USB port so you can connect other devices too with a USB.
  4. When you are self-reliant you can save your friends’ the extra chore of driving to you all the way in the wilderness thereby saving them precious time and gas.
  5. You will not be at the mercy of the weather as you can restart your vehicle without ado and escape inclement weather before it is too late.
  6. You need not to be stressed about getting stranded on a lonely highway as you can help yourself.

Now that you are convinced Check out this jump starter for cars review before you get your own reliable friend on a long drive down a country road.

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A Complete Guide: Buying Damaged Cars, Fixing Them Up And Selling Them

At 247Spares learn how you can make money by buying the cars that are damaged, fixing them and then selling them for a profit.


Here is how you can buy the damaged or used cars. Learn how to buy them at the a great price and fix it and sell it without a lot of effort.

  • Have a budget in mind and stick to it.
  • Get sufficient cash so that it matches your budget. If you are planning to buy the car in an auction then they may not accept the card.
  • Know what the fair market price of the car is. You need to grab a deal on the car that is undervalued.

  • The next step is to know how to buy the used car. Know the rules and procedures well in advance
  • Inspect the interior and the exterior of the of the car visually
  • Make sure that you check the engine of the car
  • Understand how long the car has been in this state. This will let you know how much you actually need to put into it
  • Either negotiate or bid on the car

Fixing the car

  • You first need to clean the car inside out
  • Diagnose in case there are any mechanical issues with the car
  • Learn about the symptoms of the car and then estimate what could be the cost of repair of the car
  • Get quotes to get the car repaired and then choose the shop

Sell the car

Once the car is fixed and ready it is time to sell it and make some profits

  • Set a price on the car. It should be a fair price
  • Figure out what is the worth of the car
  • Have a bottom price on the car
  • List your car and look for prospective buyers
  • Sell the car and make huge profits on the sale

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The Most Powerful Armored Vehicles in the World

If you are a thrill seeker, bulletproof cars are a great way to give you your kicks. You can do any kind of stunt on them and they won’t budge. However, these aren’t cars to be bought unless you have a real need for them. These cars are often used by people who need security – think celebrities, politicians, and their ilk. However, if you are looking for some kickass armored cars, this is the definitive list!

  • The Huron – this Canadian made car goes above and beyond what you can imagine that you need security for. This is useless to you unless you are laundering money for the cartel or are carrying gold bullion to the treasury. For personal use, you’re better off with a mid-size sedan or some such. This is for the people who genuinely believe that their lives are in actual danger.
  • Land Cruiser, Toyota – For the past three decades, this company has been making cars that are impenetrable. If you are encountering dangerous people in the course of your ride, you can rest assured that this is the car that is going to keep you safe. One of the best parts of such an awesome car? Excellent mileage!
  • G-Class AMG, Mercedes – Now, this car will protect you against everything except, perhaps, an army! And that’s fine. No sane person is going to go driving towards a group of battle-trained men and women anyway! Mid-level diplomats are the ones who are authorized to use this car since this can stop bullets at point blank range, important people probably need this car!
  • Chevy Suburban – This car is a movie legend and can be armored to handle anything. Armed to the teeth with customized features, this car gives major bang for your buck and yes, you will feel like you are in a Hollywood action thriller once you ride this!

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10 “Cheap” Cars That’ll Totally Make You Look Rich

Having money is the dream. Despite the motivational quotes and philosophy that money can’t buy you happiness, everyone knows the importance of money in their every day lives. One of the indicators of affluence is one’s car. Not everyone can buy a luxury car. They can, however, be limo builders! So, let’s look at some used cars that have given these cheap cars a new, more expensive, lease of life!

  1. Nissan – The Fairlady Z (350Z) – this twin seater, the sports car was made from 2002 to 2009. A new engine, cool new features on the inside, and you are good to go. Priced at $8,000

  1. Rolls Royce – ’82 Silver Spirit – The Rolls is the ultimate rich person’s car. The ’82 Silver spirit sells for $9,900 and despite the miles on it, is still an awesome car!

  1. Maserati – Spyder (2015) – Great, luxury cars for cheap, or a good enough substitute. Designed by the legendary Gioretto Giugiaro, this car spells class all the way! Price at $18,800 on a used car website.

  1. BMW – M5 (2000) –This car was one of the fastest of its time, they are still in production, but have a different design. Priced at $20,000 if you aren’t too concerned about mileage.

  1. Fiat – Spider Abarth 124 (2017) –The makers of Ferrari aren’t exactly known to make high-end This stunner busts that stereotype in style. Priced at $23,000.

  1. Bentley – Arnage (2002) –This car was in production until 2009. And if there is one car guaranteed to make you look rich, it is the Bentley. Priced at $24,800.

  1. Jaguar – Portfolio XJL (2014) – This car is worth the money you pay. This is part of the longest-running series of cars produced by Jaguar. Priced at $30,000 and thereabouts, this is truly surprising but great!

  1. Cadillac – CTS-V (2011) – the Cadillac is something of an Americal pop culture icon. These fast cars are aerodynamic and also inexpensive in comparison to the original market price! Priced at around $32,000.

  1. Austin – Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII (1967) – this is a rare car, if you get it, chances are really very high that people will think you are worth millions! Priced at $38,600.

  1. Lotus – Exige S (2006) – stunning in looks, but not as fast as you would expect it to be. This is why it is priced at $55,000. If you are looking for a higher end 5-figure budget for your vehicle.

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7 Ways a Guy Can Impress a Girl with His Car

A wide range of cars and women is certainly a man’s most loved aspects, yet are you aware how nicely they stir up?

Autos that pull in ladies and all the more significantly autos that receive the most consideration is presumably every man’s fantasy auto. Here are 7 different ways of in what capacity can a man inspire a lady with his auto.

  1. Keeping it Spotless

It truly doesn’t make a difference whether you possess the most blazing auto or not, but rather if it’s filthy, you will certainly not have the capacity to inspire a lady with it.

At the point when ladies see an extremely grimy and untidy auto, they consequently accept that the person is likewise chaotic, reasonable and unclean.

  1. Acquiring an Awesome Set of Wheels

Folks surmise that their wheels most likely go unseen by young ladies, however, they’re off-base. Ladies do see such things, remember that.

They do like an astonishing and an acute looking arrangement of the wheel, particularly when they are not canvassed in dirt or brake dreary.

  1. Incredible Sound System

Ladies certainly don’t need their ears to blast while riding your auto, however, would prefer to hear some gentle music while on the ride.

  1. Greater Engines

An auto with loads of power is totally loved by young ladies. This is a simple and straightforward aspect to Lockthecock.

  1. Stay Updated About Cars

It is generally deemed disapproving if a guy can’t explain or call attention to what isn’t right with the motor. Thus, think about the nuts and bolts in any event.

  1. Avoid too many Stickers

A solitary or a mix of little stickers look great. Be that as it may, an excess of it everywhere looks completely chaotic.

  1. Good Driver

Try not to be an unreliable or an in-obliging driver. Snapping individuals off and shouting at different drivers isn’t hot.

Being great on street demonstrates that you’re adding great, all things considered, that inspires young ladies a lot.…

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5 Sports Cars that Everyone Wants to Drive

How would not love to drive a classy sports car! Why do people love to drive a sports car?

The exclusivity about the sports cars is something that makes them special. When you buy any of the popular cars you might find several other similar ones on the road. But when you ride a sports car you might stand out in the crowd. And these trendy sports cars also come with highly detailed designs with very practical features. As long as you understand how to keep your engine running smoothly you can easily maintain them as well.

So with so many other reasons making the sports car so popular among car enthusiasts here are the 5 most popular sports cars which every driver would love to drive-

Jaguar F- type

With a decent fuel economy for a sports car, these cars are known for their agility on the road. These are perfectly designed for the drivers.

Nissan GT-R

This must be the most popular car that you end up choosing even when you are playing car racing games on your computer. Known for its superior overall performance this is definitely one of the most desired sports cars.

Ford Mustang

Have you awed at this car in the chase scenes in most of the popular movies and wished you could get to drive it at least once? You are not alone. This is a classy sports cars loved by car enthusiasts around the world.

Lamborghini Aventador

As a true embodiment of what a stylish sports car should be this one is a classic. There have been many variants in this range and they have all gained quite a lot of attention.

McLaren P1

In the days of hybrid cars, this hybrid sports car is definitely a dream car for those who love speed which can be fully controlled with the best technology on board.

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Everything You Need to Know About Driving a Hire Van in 2018

Very often we are required to look for rental vehicles, sometimes to move some stuff around while sometimes to travel with a big family. No matter what your reason is, when hiring a rental van you need to keep in mind a few points.

1) Plan: Rental vans come in different sizes like small, large. So when you plan to hire a rental van, understand what you want the van for. If you choose too big van than your requirement you will end up paying more, if you choose too small you will end up making more trips. Lease vans can cost you a huge amount and so it is important to plan properly.

2) Compare: When you decide which size van is sufficient for you, check the rental for that size with various dealers. Different dealers can have different rentals; some might offer you a discount and other services as well.

3) Documents: When renting a van, make sure you have all the required documentation, the hiring documents, payment receipts etc. Check the insurance documents and what is included in it in case of theft or an accident.

4) What to carry: When renting a van you need to submit a few documents like driving license. Make sure you carry all the required documents with you.

5) Vehicle: When all the formalities are done and you get your rental van, make sure it is working properly. Check for all the existing damages and make sure they are mentioned in your contract.

6) Pick up and Drop off: Check the pickup and drop off rules, timings, and locations, check if you can negotiate the timings and locations if it does not suit your schedule.

7) Payment: When you pay the rental fees, verify the total amount deducted and check if it matches with your decided amount and you are not charged for anything extra.…

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How Often Should You Take Your Car into a Car Repair Shop?

Car owners usually -take their vehicles to the car repair shop mostly if there is some major problem. They do not realize that cars need regular maintenance checks to make sure all is well with your car mechanics. Imagine yourself driving down a street in a remote place where you cannot spot a car repair shop anywhere. Your car stops and then you realize the importance to keep your car in good state. One of the best ways to make sure it is working fine is to get it serviced by a car technician regularly.

Many of you must be thinking how often should you take your car into a car repair shop for optimum car performance. There are various preventive procedures for car maintenance which includes oil change on a regular time, timely car – check-up by a car technician, at every 3000 to 50000 miles you ride your car. In case you do not drive your car for so many miles then take your car once a year to a car repair shop.

At times, you may also notice slight creaking sounds or noises from the mechanisms, or the car starts way too slowly. Inspect your car properly on a regular basis and keep up the scheduled car tune – ups. This helps the car to give optimum performance and reduces the car maintenance works or car repair charges over a period of time. This also helps your car keep out of more serious problems later. There are DIY Car Repair Kits & tools to help your repair your own car for experienced drivers. This gives you a better idea about general car issues and minor car repair works you can learn about. View price on amazon here.…

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Health and Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Trucks are one of the most commonly used forms of corporate transportation, moving tons of materials and supplies across every nation and road. They are cheap to run and can transport a surprising amount of stuff at once. The problem arises when there are loads that need to go across extremely long distances. A lot of truck drivers drive long haul trips which take the better part of a day, or even multiple days to reach their destination. This can present a lot of issues for drivers, like when they should take a break, or how to pass the time. Driving a truck for a long time can be really boring, drivers can be tempted to turn on a tv show or movie to help them pass the time while they make cross country trips. But this is really dangerous and reckless because driving a large vehicle takes a hundred percent of your attention. A large truck can be a deadly weapon on the road, the large size and load represents a significant threat to the rest of the road goers. A crash with a truck is almost always deadly for the smaller car if it gets hit. The truck is barely scratched, so it is important for truck drivers to remain vigilant. It can be difficult to pay attention when you are really tired, so it is important for truck drivers to take periodic breaks. This helps them focus on the road when they drive. If you drive a lot without a break, you are likely to pay less attention to the road and traffic situation. You should remember to eat healthy and eat stuff that does not require utensils. You cannot eat stuff that needs a fork and knife while on the go. Also wear comfortable clothes that don’t block circulation. Movomovo has more tips.…

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Things You Need To Know About Van Hiring In Scotland

To be successful in a on road business, or take your whole family to a trip, you would need a large vehicle to take you across. Vans are best form of transport for these situations. They are big enough to carry and cook the food and directly deliver it to your customers, and also large enough to shuffle your family through a road trip with enough space to keep you from trampling your neighbour. Their multi-purpose uses have been prolonging their uses long since the arrival of stylish sport cars. After all, they are not suited to cook hamburgers in broad daylight in the middle of the pavement.

All about the hiring

For you to get your show on road, you need to buy or rent a van. During the starting period of your business, you might not have money overflowing from your pockets. And, buying a van for one day trip is highly impractical. So, hiring a van is your safest best. So, how do we proceed?

  • Van contract hire Edinburgh is fairly easy and instant. First, search for van rental services online
  • specify the date and time for the rental
  • if it is for a long period, specify a date for the meeting
  • pay the advance and put something as surety
  • Discuss your business, make an official agreement, pay the advance, and may subsequent money in monthly instalments

The advantages of van contract hire Edinburgh

  • Low initial payments
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance and service could be included in the contract
  • Fixed monthly payments or the van and your surety will be confiscated
  • Fixed final payment value

The most important point to remember while renting a van is insurance. Keep your insurance firm and regularly backed up and you can enjoy your business.…

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How To Choose The Best Motorhome In 2018

Taking a road trip is not so challenging in this 2018 because, in the name of ‘Motorhome’ you can ensure, your idea of comfortable home follows you wherever you go, conveniently! In fact, if you are a travel-lover then, care more for buying a perfect motorhome, as it would not only allow you to live comfortably but would also allow you to pursue your dream of traveling comfortably but, only when you choose one by understanding the below-mentioned essentialities!

  • The length

The longer the length, that is those motorhomes that are more than 35-feet in length, more comfortable is your living but, also, more problematic to park, which you have to consider and choose the perfect size. Also, if you are a frequent camper in the national parks, your bigger rig might be of a problem, as most of the national parks have restricted parking space and rules! So, choose the ideal or most-preferred less than 35-feet ones, which would allow you to enjoy your purposes without causing many problems!

  • The fuel-consumption

For few, the idea of purchasing a motorhome is to find a secured living space, which means they also have to consider the problem of fuel consumption to meet their expenses carefully. The larger and more luxurious the motorhome, the more is the consumption of the fuel, which you have to carefully consider before jumping on a suitable choice!

  • The number of members

If you are a single or a couple then, not too much consideration goes into the buying of a Motorhome, expect that it should be fairly comfortable and perfectly commutable! But, at the same time if you have kids or pets, then more priorities and more additional space are required, for which considering the Class A or Class C Motorhomes might be helpful!

  • Your budget

Not everyone is blessed with the abundant fortune to own a luxurious motorhome of their choice, but that could never stop them from finding the reasonable ones, especially if you are in Scotland with this great website to rent motorhomes in Scotland to the rescue!


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How Intelligent Systems Are Changing How We Drive

Once the self-driving cars come into the mass market it will be difficult to find ways to make your drive smarter because the car will be taking care of all of that. Until then, the only thing to be done in the smart car segment is innovated!

Today, cars have evolved their stereo systems and turned them into smart devices that can control your steering wheel if needed or even control the weather on the inside as well as enable safety features automatically. However, these are mechanical innovations that will achieve a plateau after a time and that’s when manufacturers really get into the zone of conjuring up new ways in which to make your drive as engaging for you as possible.

The nav autoradio gps is a popular add-on to the infotainment systems of cars. The GPS feature in CarPlay is powered by Apple’s in-built Maps app. However, if you are not too happy with the app, then, there are plenty of hacks online that will help you navigate this.

If your existing car does not have the infotainment system that can instantly add-on autoradios, then, you need to consider an upgrade which would be an aftermarket upgrade. This way, you don’t need to buy a new vehicle, just upgrade your existing autoradio to something that can use intelligent stereo systems.

Opel has been in business since 1991 and is known for its family cars. Here: autoradio golf 5 >> has made this car even more family-friendly. Aftermarket variants are also available and nearly all of them are smartphone enabled to make sure that you get the best drive.

All 2016 and 2017 cars of Opel are smartphone-enabled. However, since the systems run on older versions of iOS and Android, it is possible to get a new autoradio that is enabled for smartphones and install CarPlay or Android Auto.…

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How to Overcome Driving Stress and Anxiety

A major reason for accidents and health issues is driving stress and anxiety.  Peak hour traffic and delays often result in stress and anxiety.  Getting back to the road after an accident is even tough.  Read on to know how to overcome driving stress and anxiety:

Adequate sleep before travel:  Ensure you have adequate rest and sleep before the start of travel.  Sleep gives relaxation to mind.  Hence better concentration is possible and stress levels will be low.

Light food: Do not have anything that created uneasiness while on the drive.  Have a healthy light food.

Start in advance: Start your travel earlier.  This will give ample time.  Since there is a cushion for delays due to traffic, you need not panic and try rushing up.  This will help you avoid dangerous speeds.  You can travel without stress at a comfortable speed and without deviating any road rule.

Divert yourself when in traffic: When you are held up in traffic, read books carrying quotes for life or listen to music.  Don’t get overstressed.  Instead, concentrate on pleasant things.

Ignore rash drivers:  There may be rash drivers who overtake in a dangerous manner.  Few may continuously honk.  Ignore those bullies.  Let them go ahead so that you can drive peacefully.

Take breaks and relax:  Take in-between breaks.  Have a cup of tea or just sit and relax.

Attend a drive fear program:  Attend programs to eliminate your fears and stress.  These programs provide lots of tips to de-stress and help in improving confidence.

Note down reasons for your fear and seek counseling:  There may be reasons like working under constant pressure to speed up, working without breaks etc. which may result in fears and stress related to driving.  Introspect and note down your fears.  Seek the help of a professional counselor to remove the stress and fears.…

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